We hope everyone is staying safe during these unprecedented times. The park and parking lot is open again and with the weather warming up please be respectful of the park and those using the park. Physical distancing is the new normal, please be aware of this when walking in the park, if there are two people together please go to single file to the same side so the other person can pass safely.

Also in respect to dogs, the park is a great place to walk dogs on leash. Not all people and/or dogs appreciate a dog running up to them, even if they are friendly. The park is for everyone to enjoy and it is hard to enjoy if you are nervous about off leash dogs. Just a reminder that Malcolmson is not an off leash park. To add to that, please stoop and scoop if your dog poops. Please bring bags with you and once you have picked up it up, deposit the waste in the garbage bins in the parking lot or at the far entrances on Cumberland. Thank you for being considerate to all park users.