The Friends of Malcolmson would like to thank all the volunteers that came out Saturday morning.  We would like to thank Madeleine, Dave, Martha, Erik, Mike, Rachit, Kanda, Cindy, and our newest committee member Brittany, along with our current committee members Ron, Della, Maggie, Veronica, Doug and Stephanie.  It was a very successful clean up day, so many projects were completed with everyone’s hard work. Roughly 45 person hours were put in! The greenhouse compound and the area around the greenhouse compound is looking good, and there is still more opportunities to help the park out. Malcolmson Eco Park relies on community volunteers to do the majority of the work in the park the city provides some support, and the volunteers are what brings it all together. If you are interested in volunteering please send us a note and we will connect with you regarding the next volunteer event. With COVID-19 volunteers worked in small groups, and if working in close contact we wore masks