Giles Restoration will be doing a girdling spray of Garlon RTU for
invasive Bittersweet Vine, Buckthorn, Manitoba maple, Sycamore Maple,
Tatarian Honeysuckle and Multiflora Rose. These plants out compete the
native trees and shrubs for light and nutrients, spreading quickly, and
in the case of Bittersweet, choking out native trees. Habitat for native
birds, insects and wildlife is reduced. Newly planted native plants have
poor survival rate.

The location is in the forest north of the waterfowl pond. By the next
day, Jan. 18, the park will be completely safe to walk through. This is
part of a multi-year project to remove invasive plants from areas where
they are the most dense. In the fall, the sprayed areas will be
replanted with native trees and shrubs, like Blue Beech, Ironwood,
Dogwood and Elderberry.