In November, the Port Weller School environmental club, led by Katie Wood, came to the park to gather native plants seeds. Doug Walls and Claire helped the student groups locate an interesting variety of seeds, such as coneflower, cup plant,Black Eyed Susan, butterflyweed and milkweed. The students were excited to find pods from Kentucky Coffee Tree, and nuts from shellbark Hickory and Butternut. They took them back to school, and identified as many seeds as possible using an internet search.  A few were unidentified and labelled “mystery plant”.  They will cold stratify them  which is keeping them cold/frozen for 8 weeks, and then plant them in containers in early spring. Eventually, the plants will go into the school garden, students’ home gardens, and at the park.

We all had a great time and look forward to another event with the Port Weller School Environmental Club.!