On January 17, 2020, The 2nd stage of our multi year project to remove invasive plants from the forest began.
Eric Giles of Giles Restoration Services, and his assistant spent the day applying a basal girdling spray of Garlon RTU to invasive buckthorn, bittersweet vine, manitoba, sycamore and norway maples, multiflora rose, tatarian honeysuckle, winged euonymous. They extended the area treated in 2018/19 north from the amphibian wetland, and along the trail west of the pond. They also sprayed large bittersweet vines and buckthorn north of the pond that were choking the native trees.
The Friends will hold volunteer activities in April/May to dig or pull out new invasive seedlings in these areas. Later we will replant with native shrubs and trees. We will also need volunteers to pull Garlic Mustard and replant with native plants.
We hope to promote native plants to flourish, and provide better habitat for native birds, insects and wildlife.
You don’t need special skills to be a volunteer, just interest and energy. Please email us if you would like to help, at friendsofmalcolmsonecopark@gmail.com