The Friends were excited to receive a $3000 grant from TD Canada Trust Friends of the Environment Foundation in May 2014. We value and appreciate the ongoing support of TD FEF over the years for many important projects at the park.

In 2014, this grant supported the rejuvenation of a historic garden on Lakeshore Rd., and the restoration of a former mountain bike jump area of the forest.

In the 1930’s, the Lakeshore Rd. location was the site of a large garden and pond maintained by the St. Lawrence Seaway. The new Malcolmson Eco-Park depended on volunteer work which was not always available, so the garden area became overgrown. The goals of this project are: to restore the beauty of the garden, to remediate the surrounding area, to showcase the attractiveness of native plants, and to add food for local birds and insects. Sight lines into the park are improved so the historic greenhouse is visible from the road. Over the summer, the area was cleared and the flagstone edging of the garden repaired. The season became too late for planting, so the native plants will be added in spring 2015, with I.D. labels for public awareness.

The second project was the replanting of about an acre of forest that had been used for mountain bike paths and jumps. Sixty shrubs, thirty trees, and wildflowers were planted by volunteers on Earth Day. Logs and branches were placed across the paths, and the jumps removed. A conversation with the cyclists helped them understand the goals for the area, and they have moved elsewhere. As the season progressed, the new plants established, leaf debris accumulated and the space began returning to forest.

St. Lawrence Seaway Garden & Pond, Lakeshore Rd., 1931.
Old Circle Garden Photo