As the weather warmed up quickly the bugs also came out fast and furious; Including ticks. There has been reports of ticks from visitors to the park; on people and dogs. The ticks were the dog tick that do not contain Lyme, and that is not to say that there are not any of the deer (blacklegged) ticks around. Be safe spray your legs and stay on the trails. Your chances of picking up a tick will be increased by going into the long grass and wooded areas, this is true for people and dogs. Please keep your dogs on leash when visiting the park, to protect them from ticks and to allow everyone to enjoy the park. Not all visitors to the park are happy to see a dog running at them, both humans and canines can be fearful and this is not fair. Also going off the trails hurts the eco system of the park, walking on plants by humans and canines can kill them, to keep the naturalization of the park the plants need to be able to survive and thrive. Please stay on the trails.

Also a quick reminder please, keep your trash and scoop your pups poop and deposit in the garbage in the parking lot area.

Here is a quick article about ticks from the St.Catherines Standard.