John and Mary Potter were very active as volunteers all through the 90’s.  Mary was chair of FOMEP from 1998 to 2004.  They were on the ground floor of our native plant sale as an event.  I remember John especially during the sale.  He was in the tree and shrub section inside the shade house just waiting – and hoping – for someone to ask him a question.  The recognition tree is a Redmond Linden and a plaque will be put on the tree in the Fall acknowledging their dedication and service.


 Before the Tree Dedication members of the Friends of Malcolmson and community volunteers were busy in the park giving nature a helping hand. 


A few took on the trail head garden, the garden is looking amazing thanks to our volunteers.  Others were planting trees in the area east of the parking lot. All the work done around the park is based on volunteers without the projects would not be as successful as they have been,


Thank you to all the volunteers! If you are interested in helping at the park please reach out!